NSHEN engages with the health care system in Nova Scotia and has a mandate to (a) provide support in addressing ethical issues and (b) build capacity for addressing ethical concerns as they arise. Our work to achieve these objectives is focused primarily on ethics education, policy development and review, clinical ethics, and organizational ethics.

NSHEN provides support to Ethics NSHA as it did to the former DHA ethics committees, recognizing that the resources that can be devoted to ethics work within NSHA sometimes benefit from supplemental time, effort, or expertise. 

Ethics NSHA is NSHA’s means of embedding its commitment to ethics in its organizational structures as a way to meet both the ethics needs within the organization and the ethics requirements established by accreditation.   Ethics NSHA is comprised of zone ethics committees, local ethics teams, and an ethics leads group.  NSHEN provides support, as needed, to all of these bodies to ensure that they are able to meet the ethics needs within NSHA.

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