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NSHEN builds ethics capacity and provides resources and support to address ethics issues as they arise in health care practice.

Our website features a variety of health care ethics resources including audio and video resources, discussion pages and decision making frameworks and tools.

2024 Annual Conference – As Good As It Gets: Ethics and Harm Reduction in Healthcare

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What Is Health Ethics?


It’s Complicated: A Podcast About Healthcare Ethics in Practice

NSHEN is excited to announce our new resource, a podcast called “It’s Complicated: A Podcast About Healthcare Ethics in Practice” with shows from the NSHEN Team and special guest speakers.

New Episode!

Season 2, Episode 6:

Productive Conversations from a Patient Relations Perspective with Theresa Hawkesworth,  Director, External Relations and Special Projects with Theresa Hawkesworth,  Director, External Relations and Special Projects, Nova Scotia Health

Ethics After Hours


Period. End of Sentence


 Women in a rural village outside Delhi, India fight the stigma surrounding menstruation when they learn to manufacture sanitary pads.

Fireside Chat


Patient Relations and Ethics

with Hayley Gould-Rudderham, Patient Relations Leader (Eastern and Northern Zones), Nova Scotia Health

Featured Article Summary


Industry Technicians Embedded in Clinical teams: Impacts on Medical Knowledge

Short summary

In this article, Howard and Hutchinson discuss the ethical issues associated with industry technicians, also referred to as ‘industry employed allied professionals’ (IEAP), working as part of a medical team in the hospital setting. Dialogical practice, where all members of the health care team work together towards a common goal, is essential for clinical communities, as it is a way of sharing knowledge and identifying gaps in that knowledge that are relevant to patient care. The authors argue that by mediating expertise about medical devices on behalf of the manufacturer while also working as part of the health care team, IEAPs potentially limit opportunities for independent learning and for dialogical education practices. In keeping with their role, IEAPs are protecting the commercial interests of the medical device manufacturer, and true knowledge exchange is therefore limited. This may negatively affect clinical knowledge and patient outcomes.

Bioethics Book Club

Book Review

The Mad Women’s Ball, A Novel

The year is 1885. Dr. Charcot is a neurologist with expertise in hypnosis and hysteria, practicing his science at the Salpêtrière Asylum in Paris. The Asylum houses women who are deemed mad, locked away and excluded from society, often because they are unwanted, unconventional, or too strong-willed.

Case Database Website

Our case database includes cases addressing issues in clinical and organizational ethics.

NSHEN Health Ethics Case Database

NSHEN has a library of fiction and non-fiction books and audiobooks available for lending. 

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