How to Prepare for a Clinical Ethics Consultation with Melanie Goodday Therapeutic Classroom Teacher, IWK Health In this podcast episode Marika Warren and Melanie Goodday talk about how they prepare for a clinical ethics consultation. the discussion is based on a case about involuntary COVID-19 vaccination of a minor receiving inpatient psychiatric treatment. The case was published in the Journal of Clinical Ethics in the fall 2022. A full reference to the case is included here: Kious, B.M., Hesse, T., Baese, P.L. (2022) Moral Distress and Involuntary COVID-19 Vaccination of a Mature Minor Receiving Inpatient Psychiatric Treatment. Case Report.  Journal of Clinical Ethics, 2022 Fall;Read More →

Ethics and Grief Support with Jocelyne Tranquilla Grief is a common experience in health care both for those who are receiving care and for those who are providing care. We hope our discussion today will provide an opportunity to explore grief and grief support through an ethics lens. Resources More →

Ethics During Crisis with Marika Warren Christy Simpson Lisbeth Witthoefft Nielsen In this episode Marika Warren, Christy Simpson and Lisbeth Witthoefft Nielsen discuss the TV series ‘Five Days at Memorial’ and how ethics can help in a crisis.Read More →

Ethical Considerations Around Changes to the Law on MAiD with Mona Gupta, MD CM, FRCPC, PhD Psychiatrist, Centre Hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal and Associate Clinical Professor, Département de Psychiatrie et d’Addictologie, Université de Montréal Chair of the Canadian Government’s Expert Panel on MAiD and Mental Illness In this podcast episode, Marika Warren talks to Dr. Mona Gupta about the type of ethical questions and concerns that the Expert Panel on MAiD and mental illness encountered in its work.Read More →

with Dr. Allen Alvarez, PhD, Ethicist, Ethics Education & Research, Fraser Health Ethics & Diversity Services (FHEDS) In this episode Marika Warren talks with Allen Alvarez about moral wellness and the challenging situations that arise as dynamic experiences. Readings: Moral Distress and its Interconnection with Moral Sensitivity and Moral Resilience: Viewed from the Philosophy of Viktor E. Frankl by Kim Lützén & Béatrice Ewalds-Kvist The interconnection between moral distress, moral sensitivity, and moral resilience was explored by constructing two hypothetical scenarios based on a recent Swedish newspaper report. In the first scenario, a 77-year-old man, rational and awake, was coded as “do not resuscitate” (DNR) against his daughter’sRead More →