NSHEN has developed the Bioethics Book Club as a resource for ethics committees, organizations and health care teams looking for a fun, creative, interactive way to facilitate discussion about health ethics issues and engage in ethics education.

We will select a variety of books with health ethics themes – both fiction and non-fiction – and develop a handout for each that includes a summary, some of the ethics issues addressed in the book and discussion questions.

Your group will select the book that is most relevant or of interest to you, give your group members time to read the book, and then use the discussion questions as a guide to facilitate a group discussion around the health ethics issues within each book and how they relate to your practice.

Some of these books are available in the NSHEN Lending Library and most are available through Nova Scotia’s public libraries.

Continue to check back often! Also, if you know of a book not on our list that would be a good fit for Bioethics Book Club, please let us know!

New Book Summary with Discussion Questions

November 2023

The Mad Women’s Ball, A Novel

The year is 1885. Dr. Charcot is a neurologist with expertise in hypnosis and hysteria, practicing his science at the Salpêtrière Asylum in Paris. The Asylum houses women who are deemed mad, locked away and excluded from society, often because they are unwanted, unconventional, or too strong-willed.

Geneviève, a senior nurse working at the hospital, has put her trust in Dr Charcot and his science, but meeting Eugènie, a young girl from a bourgeois Parisian family who is admitted to Salpêtrière because she claims to communicate with spirits, forces Geneviève to question everything she believes in.


Past Summaries

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  • Lying Down in the Ever Falling Snow