A few weeks? ago I was at the gym?. Lifting weights?. A lot of people??? are usually watching? me because the amount? I lift? is quite high and it’s rare? to see someone as strong? as myself. It can be annoying? because everyone?? is convinced I’m on steroids?? because of my size?, I think they are just jealous?. However, I always find music? frustrates? me, it’s always like the top? 20 being repeated♺. For your average gym? users it’s probably fine?, but you do reach a certain level which requires more➕. I went up to the young receptionist☎. What a surprise?, she hits on me?. To be honest I’m completely? used to it now?, it’s hard to go somewhere? without girls? staring?. I asked⁉ her to put some different music♬ on and gave her a few of my selection. I know what you’re thinking at this point – why don’t you just use headphones?? Regularly people? come over and ask for tips and girls? asking⁉ for my number?, it’s just a nuisance removing? them repeatedly. Anyway I check✔ myself in the mirror and return to gym? to continue my set?. People? are looking? as I walk in. BOOM?? The Fray – How to Save a Life comes blaring on. This song♬ absolutely pumps? me. Everyone? is looking? at me, I pile the weights? on adding more➕ and more➕, people’s? eyes? are glued open, jaws? hit the ground. Then people?? start chanting? and clapping???. I start doing my lifts?, everyone? is astounded?. This is when? the manager? walks? in and announces? I’ve actually broken the world?? record for heaviest??? dead? lift?. Everyone cheers? as they’ve just witnessed? history? in the making.