Canadian Bioethics Publicity Strategy Database

-hosted by the Nova Scotia Health Ethics Network

Generating and sustaining awareness around the existence and benefit of ethics supports in an organization is challenging, especially when human and other resources to support ethics work are scarce.  This resource is intended to help individuals and groups who are providing ethics support within health care systems learn from the experiences of colleagues elsewhere in Canada.

This is a repository for sharing strategies that have been in raising and sustaining awareness about ethics support services (understood as being inclusive of clinical and organizational consultation services, ethics-informed policy development and review, and ethics education).  We have indicated the sources for these strategies where available (and let us know if your idea is not currently credited to you) and they can be used by others with attribution.

We welcome contributions to this database; if there’s something that you’d like to share please contact the NSHEN Administrator, Krista Mleczko-Skerry.  NSHEN hosts this resource as a contribution to the broader bioethics community, but does not claim authorship of the resources contained herein except as specifically noted.

This resource builds on work begun at the Cleveland Clinic’s Innovations in Clinical Ethics: A Working Un-Conference in August 2018 and was continued at the Canadian Bioethics Society Annual Conference in May 2019.  A huge thanks to all who have contributed to and shaped these discussions!

We first present some overarching questions to consider before embarking on efforts to increase awareness about ethics supports.  We then describe various strategies for raising awareness, tagging them to indicate the objective(s) they are intended to achieve and the audience they are intended to reach.

Finally, we will be moving this over to a standalone website as it is larger than we anticipated when we first envisioned the project and once this is achieved we will update links accordingly.  For now, using the search function or Ctrl+F/Command+F is your best bet for locating information quickly.