2016 Living at Risk Workshop: Whose Choice Is It Anyway?

NSHEN is pleased to offer the following:
Living at Risk Workshop: Whose Choice Is It Anyway?
February 10, 2016, in Yarmouth, NS, 9:15am-3:30pm
March 10, 2016, in Sydney, NS, 9:15am-3:30pm

Individual choices to live “at risk” can test commitments to the principle of respect for choice. They often challenge us to re-examine the values that drive health policy and health care practice.
Drs Christy Simpson and Marika Warren from the Nova Scotia Health Ethics Network present highlights from our sold-out 2015 conference “Whose Choice Is It? Ethics and Living at Risk”. This workshop will focus on key points from our conference sessions on the following topics; vulnerable populations, community care and home care, public health, and dignity of risk.
We will provide the opportunity for participants to reflect on living at risk and the important ethical questions that it raises about what it is to provide good care and what it is to live a good life.
Workshop Objectives:

  • Describe what “living at risk” looks like within your practice
  • Describe ethical concerns related to living at risk
  • Describe challenges raised by living at risk from a range of perspectives
  • Discuss why caring for individuals living at risk can be so challenging

Brochure available here
Registration will be open Tuesday December 8, 2015.
All registrations must be completed on-line:
Click LINK for Yarmouth
Click HERE for Sydney
Registrations must be received on or before Tuesday, February 2, 2016 for the Yarmouth workshop and Tuesday, March 2, 2016 for Sydney.
The cost of this workshop is $35.00
Space is limited so please register early.