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Some suggestions will be video (Netflix, YouTube) and some will be audio (different podcasts, White Coat Black Art).




October 2018


Unrest – The Movie

Unrest Discussion Page

Jennifer Brea is about to marry the love of her life when she’s struck down by a fever that leaves her bedridden. When doctors tell her “it’s all in her head,” she turns her camera on herself and her community as she looks for answers and fights for a cure.



HBO Documentary (available on Cravetv)

Coma (2007) Documentary  

Coma (2007) Documentary – Discussion Questions

Coma is a movie starring Lynda Delorenzo, Al’Khan Edwards, and Devonia Edwards. Al’Khan, Roxanne, Sean, and Tom have each emerged from their Traumatic Brain Injury comas, but just how conscious are they, and will they get better?




Empathy by Brené Brown and Brené Brown on Empathy Discussion Sheet

Blame by Brené Brown and Brené Brown on Blame Discussion Sheet

Governments Passing Laws for Robots by The Young Turks and Electronic  Personhood Discussion Sheet




Netflix – Concussion and Concussion – Discussion Questions

Netflix – The Girl With All The Gifts and The Girl With All The Gifts Discussion Questions

Netflix – Black Mirror – Season 3 – Episode San Junipero

Netflix – Extremis and Discussion Sheet for Extremis

                                              Netflix – House – Season 3 – Informed Consent

                                              Netflix – Dr. Feelgood and Dr. Feelgood Documentary Discussion Questions




Robot Uteruses and the Quest to End Unintended Pregnancy – Podcast

Robot Uteruses and the Quest to End Unintended Pregnancy – Discussion Questions

A robotic pelvis, a federal policy, and a huge shift in birth control access.


The Current on CBC RADIO

Why U.K. Doctors are Doling Out ‘Social Prescriptions’ to Treat Mental Health

Why U.K. Doctors are Doling Out ‘Social Prescriptions’ to Treat Mental Health – Discussion Questions

This episode of the Current focuses on the use of social prescribing in family medicine in the U.K. As an alternative to prescribing pharmaceuticals, family doctors in the U.K. are increasingly prescribing non-medical services.


Medical Scribes Podcast

Medical Scribes Podcast (Discussion Page)

Canadian doctors are starting to hire scribes to write up their medical charts By doing so they can focus on patients and improve their efficiency. We explore the introduction of medical scribes in Canada and how they will impact the way doctors work. 14:45


                                 How Long Have I Got? Take A Blood Test

                                                Discussion sheet for How Long Have I Got?


EthicsLab Podcast – The Future of Healthcare Ethics

Podcast – The Future of Health Care Ethics Discussion Questions

Tune in to this latest episode of the EthicsLab podcast! In this episode EthicsLab talks with international leaders in ethics about the future of healthcare ethics.


NPR – Could You Kill A Robot?

Could You Kill A Robot Discussion Questions

Will we one day create machines that are essentially just like us? People have been wrestling with that question since the advent of robotics. But maybe we’re missing another, even more intriguing question: what can robots teach us about ourselves?




Hold Me (The Movie) 

Hold Me (Discussion Page)

Hold Me is the story of an end of life caregiver struggling with grief as she works holding and consoling people being voluntarily euthanized in the parts of the United States where doctor assisted dying is not yet legal.


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