Each year NSHEN coordinates an annual conference for health care providers, administrators and policy makers, exploring a health ethics issue that is relevant to those working in Nova Scotia’s health care system.

2017 NSHEN Annual Conference

Easier Said Than Done: Assessing Capacity for Informed Choice

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October 31, 2017


Part 1: Live stream-online or attend in person at Alt Hotel – Halifax Airport

NSHEN’s 2017 conference, once again delivered as a web-based broadcast followed by workshops in each zone, will focus on the ethical challenges that arise when capacity needs to be assessed in the context of informed choice discussions. These challenges can make determination of the most appropriate course of action difficult for patients, clients, family members, health care providers, and other members of health care organizations.

These ethical challenges are familiar to all those who engage with the health system, and the overall aim of this year’s conference is to acknowledge and address the ethical difficulties patients, families, and teams experience in the area of informed choice when decision making capacity is in question.  We will provide an opportunity to explore the roots of these challenges and present practical strategies to increase confidence in participating in capacity assessments.

The objectives for the broadcast are:

  • Identify at least three factors that contribute to ethical challenges involving capacity that arise in health care practice
  • Describe best practice in assessing capacity
  • Describe the use and limitations of tools for assessing capacity
  • Analyze a case involving ethical challenges that arise alongside questions about capacity

Speakers are being finalized and will be announced soon!

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This ​live event ​will ​then ​be ​followed ​up ​with ​Part 2, an in-person ​workshop ​in ​one ​of ​the ​four ​NSHA ​Zones. ​

Part 2: In-person follow-up workshop

If ​you ​are ​interested ​in ​watching ​the ​live ​broadcast ​(Part ​1) ​and ​would ​like ​to ​attend ​the ​in-person ​workshop ​(Part ​2), ​please ​choose ​your ​appropriate ​Zone ​location ​(listed ​below) ​to ​register ​for ​the live broadcast ​as ​well ​as ​the ​in-person ​workshop. ​There ​is ​a ​fee ​of ​$40 ​for ​Part ​2 ​and ​lunch ​will ​be ​included.

The objectives for the workshops are:

  •   Identify contextual features of cases that correlate with concerns about capacity
    • Describe the values and principles that are often relevant to cases where questions about capacity are raised
    • Discuss how to balance values in cases that raise concerns about capacity
    • Apply tools to address concerns about capacity and its assessment

Central ​Zone ​4 ​- ​Live ​Broadcast ​and ​Part ​2 ​Workshop ​- ​November ​7 ​at ​Best ​Western ​Dartmouth ​ 
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Western ​Zone ​1 ​- ​Live ​Broadcast ​and ​Part ​2 ​Workshop ​- ​November ​10 ​at ​Annapolis ​Basin ​Conference ​Centre 
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Northern ​Zone ​2 ​- ​Live ​Broadcast ​and ​Part ​2 ​Workshop ​- ​November ​14 ​at ​Super ​8 ​Amherst 
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Eastern ​Zone ​3 ​- ​Live ​Broadcast ​and ​Part ​2 ​Workshop ​- ​November ​17 ​at ​Hampton ​Inn ​Sydney 
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